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hiring a personal chef

How It Works

Who hires a personal chef? 

  • Busy parents, single parents & new parents

  • Health-conscious folks

  • Working singles/couples/families

  • Recently had surgery/recovering at home

  • Individuals with special nutrition or dietary requirements

  • Seniors (or their children who care for them) or grad students

on a fixed income (inquire about special pricing!)

meet with
chef krysia

Develop and Decide

I want to make sure that together we determine what best meets your and/or your family's needs in terms of food, flavor, and frequency. Once we decide on your meal choices I will email the developed menu in advance for your approval prior to the first or ongoing meal preparation date(s).

We might be making tamales today...podrí
Why, yes, I did use 9 cloves of garlic.

choose a schedule

Dinner Dates

Once we choose which dates you would like your meals prepared, I will arrive at your home with some basic cooking utensils. Your kitchen will provide the rest. I can either shop for ingredients or you can provide the groceries. I will need some preparation space, a working stove and oven, and some space to store your prepared meals in your refrigerator or freezer.

enjoy prepared meals

Dine at Your Leisure

When you get home, your refrigerator and/or freezer will be stocked with meals for the week organized in containers labeled with the name of the dish and specific heating and serving instructions. Easy peasy!

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